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Brandi Burns

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Brandi is historical programs manager for the City of Boise's Department of Arts and History. She has a bachelor of arts from Idaho State University and a masters of Applied Historical Research from Boise State University. She grew up in Centerville, Idaho, where her first car was a 1960s mustard-yellow VW Rabbit which fortunately would not run no matter how many new parts went into it. Unfortunately, her Dad was able to replace it with a powder-blue 1980s Ford Mustang that had a fickle temperament. Oddly enough as a youth Brandi did not dream of being a historian... all she wanted to be was Laura Croft, and if that didn't work out, a WWE wrestler married to Brock Lesnar. Once she settled down and became a historian, she focused her attention on urban and rural history, sprinkling the serious with the fun, such as her current project researching the romantic lives of Boiseans. Since being in the department, she has established the first oral history program for the City of Boise, managed historical donations, created a virtual tour of the city (Remnants of Boise), and prepared the successful nomination of Boise as an Idaho Heritage City.

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