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Craig Jones

Craig is serving as a graduate research assistant for the Idaho Policy Institute and will be researching decision making regarding water resources in the Boise Basin and beyond. Prior to joining the Idaho Policy Institute, Craig enjoyed a rewarding career at Idaho Power Company where he focused on environmental and energy policy matters, including managing the federal relicensing process for the Hells Canyon Complex and establishing the company’s first environmental compliance department. Craig recently left the utility industry to pursue his PhD in Public Policy and Administration at Boise State, focusing on energy justice and the role of science in decision making regarding energy resources. Craig’s motivation is based on the reality that energy consumption touches every fiber of the fabric of society and is most properly viewed as the pre-condition of all commodities rather than a commodity in and of itself, as originally posited by economist E.F. Schumacher. As such, it is important to understand and fairly articulate the various social, technical, environmental, economic, political, and security aspects of energy in order to properly inform policy making.

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