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Errol Jones

Boise State | History

Errol D. Jones, a native of Utah, is professor emeritus in the History Department at Boise State University. Jones joined the faculty of Boise State University in 1982 after teaching at universities in Texas, Utah, Mexico and Brazil. Trained in Latin American history, he specialized in the history of Mexico upon arriving at Boise State. From 1997 to 2006, he taught a course on Latinos in the United States and continues to do research and publish on the history of Latinos in Idaho. His most recent publications in this area are “A Long Struggle: Mexican Farmworkers in Idaho, 1918–1935,” with Kathleen R. Hodges in Memory, Community and Activism: Mexican Migration and Labor in the Pacific Northwest, edited by Jerry and Gilbert Garcia (2005); “The Shooting of Pedro Rodriguez,” Idaho Yesterdays, (2005); and the chapter on Idaho in Latino America: A State by State Encyclopedia, edited by Mark Overmeyer-Velazquez, 2 vols. (2008); he also served as guest editor and author of Idaho Landscapes: La Cultura Mexicana, (2011). His most recent publication is “Latinos and the Churches in Idaho, 1950-2000,” in Latin American Migrations to the U.S. Heartland: Changing Social Landscapes in Middle America. Edited by Linda Allegro and Andrew G. Wood (2013). For more information on this book see

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