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Greg Hampikian

Boise State University | Biology

Dr. Hampikian has a joint appointment in the departments of Biology and Criminal Justice at Boise State University. He is a contributing columnist for the New York Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Hartford Courant and others. He is best known as the volunteer forensic DNA expert on Innocence Network cases around the world including that of Amanda Knox. Dr. Hampikian has helped with more than a dozen exonerations, and worked on hundreds of cases. He is the founder and director of the Idaho Innocence Project at BSU, and helped establish the Georgia Innocence Project, the Irish Innocence Project, and the Innocence Project France. His research on subjectivity and bias in forensic DNA was featured in the Economist and New Scientist; and his New York Times Oped piece, “Men Who Needs Them?” rose to the top of the Times most forwarded email list. Dr. Hampikian also recently published a review of 194 DNA exonerations in the prestigious Annual Review of Genetics and Genomics, and is publishing the account of how he and the French Police solved a high-profile decade-old murder by using familial DNA for the first time in Europe. His work has been covered by Andersen Cooper, Good Morning America, Dateline, Nightline, 20-20, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Science, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific American, and the Irish Times, among others. His book Exit to Freedom with exoneree Calvin Johnson, chronicles Mr. Jonson’s 17-year fight to prove his innocence using DNA. Dr. Hampikian is also an award-winning playwright, and is currently working on a musical about the Armenian Diaspora.

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