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Lena Etuk

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Lena Etuk is a Social Demographer at the Oregon State University Extension Service. She began this position in 2006, after receiving her master's of science in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a specialty in social stratification and demography. Since joining the OSU Extension Service, Etuk has worked to increase Oregonians’ access to social scientific information that can help them and their communities realize positive change. She works with community members, non-profits, government, public agencies and Extension Service faculty to create, recognize, and capitalize on opportunities for data-driven decision making. To that end, she has been involved with evaluations of community development programs; the development of community-based indicator systems; applied social demographic analyses of rural communities, labor markets, and specific population sub-groups in Oregon; and the development of the Rural Communities Explorer (, a highly used website that provides community practitioners access to economic, social, and environmental information about Oregon and Siskiyou County California’s places and people. As an applied Social Demographer, Ms. Etuk’s publications reflect the varied needs of Oregonians with whom she has worked, and cover topics of rural population loss, rural community vitality, and needs assessment as a community engagement tool.

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