Idaho spends millions each year promoting tourism, but does very little to polish its human rights image, tarnished by scores of racist acts over the past four decades. Instead, the loudest, most effective opponents of hate in Idaho—those best positioned to help improve its  image problem—have been unpaid, grassroots human rights activists. Still, many Americans, influenced by a deluge of media reports over the years, continue to associate Idaho with neo-Nazis, the Aryan Nations and the latter’s founder, Richard Butler.

In moving to North Idaho, Butler brought with him his leadership role in a white-supremacy-based religion known as Christian Identity—a position he assumed with the passing of his predecessor and mentor, Wesley Swift. Butler didn’t move to Idaho to quietly retire, but as a racist-activist, living in the public limelight and using it to attract followers. To some extent, he met his retirement goals.

Turn back to 1973, the year that Butler retired as an engineer for a California aerospace firm. Like the “California flight” that followed him in ensuing years, Butler said he moved to North Idaho because of its remoteness and cheap real estate. He wanted to get away “from the mongrel masses,” he explained in one of his racist anecdotes.


Richard Butler

Courtesy of BIll Morlin
Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler in 2004.

After buying an old farmhouse on 40 acres off Rimrock Road, and moving north of Hayden, Idaho, in 1974, Butler dabbled in the anti-government, anti-tax views of the Posse Comitatus and its form of self-styled government called the township movement. But for Butler, those forays lacked the white-supremacy-based fervor of the Christian Identity religion he and his wife, Betty, embraced above all else and brought with them from California.

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Soon, Butler sold half his property and established a crudely constructed church on the remaining 20 acres, making it home of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Butler called its political arm the “Aryan Nations,” symbolized by a swastika imposed over a cross.

His church should be tax-exempt, Butler argued early on with county officials, generating media coverage and letters to the editor in his failed attempt to secure tax-free status for the property. Undeterred, he started officiating at weekly church services, opened a small school for his followers’ children and set up an office and print shop that spewed a wide array of racist religious literature, some of it sent to the nation’s prisons. He made it clear in various interviews that he was staying in North Idaho, part of what he described as a “territorial imperative” for white people seeking refuge from problems and crimes of California and large East Coast cities.

Butler didn’t always speak with eloquence as he attempted to publicly explain his religious tenets, sometimes latching onto current world events. Many business and civic leaders, and some politicians, said they were tuning out the Aryans under the notion, “ignore them; they’ll go away.” Experts who monitor hate groups say that was a strategic error: ignoring the Aryans, without open repudiation, emboldened them.

Butler was not only a racist, but an anti-government extremist who interwove racism with Christian Identity, the brand of racist religion that became his life. “The white race is Christianity and Christianity is the white race,’’ he would preach, ending his fiery sermons with Nazi salutes and the shout of “Heil, victory!”


Racist protest

Marcia Franklin
Man protesting Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration outside North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene in 2012. Several protesters, including Shaun Winkler, a Butler protege, held racist signs and a KKK flag.

In simplest terms, Christian Identity believers are convinced that the Bible tells them white people of Northern European ancestry are God’s chosen—direct descendants of Adam and the “true Jews.” That conviction and its accompanying religious fervor, history has shown, have driven many of its followers over the edge to criminal conduct and prison sentences. Butler’s devotion didn’t appear to waver during four decades as leader of his racist church; he managed to avoid any serious criminal convictions, even though the FBI and the Department of Justice were watching closely.

Butler claimed he was a man of God on a mission to save the white race.

By October 1980, handbills depicting a black man as a running target and the name of a Spokane rabbi were showing up throughout North Idaho—sometimes glued to campaign signs.

People asked: Who is responsible for this racist material? Where is it coming from? Newsrooms fielded those calls and reporters started asking questions.

Soon, the local clergy called a press conference, saying in December 1980 that Butler’s church “is Christian in name only and distorts and corrupts both scripture and history.” The distribution of racist fliers was bad for the image of Kootenai County, for North Idaho, even for the state; people began to whisper. The response generated widespread media attention as the name “Aryan Nations” moved closer to becoming part of the region’s vernacular.

The following spring, after that initial repudiation from local clergy, Butler grabbed headlines again when he and some of his followers were arrested for disorderly conduct at demonstrations in Southern Idaho. Later, even more press accounts described the American Civil Liberties Union promise of legal assistance to the Aryan Nations in a fight to use a Boise high-school auditorium “to promote the white race” on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Then, in June 1981, a bomb blew up, damaging Butler’s controversial new Church of Jesus Christ Christian near Hayden Lake. Butler blamed his enemies. The bombing was never solved; but, because of the rarity of such crimes, it received widespread media attention. The branding of the Aryan Nations icon picked up tempo.

Later that year, after a gathering in Kansas, Butler’s church hosted its first Aryan World Congress in North Idaho. Only a handful of journalists were allowed to watch as Butler and his friends—neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and other racists from throughout the United States—burned a 25-foot wooden cross on the church property as the highlight of the first, three-day “Aryan World Congress.”

At the time, cross burnings, men in KKK hoods and Aryan uniforms, guns flashing and neo-Nazis praising Hitler were a rarity in Idaho and the West. And rare or unusual events make news. The Spokane Daily Chronicle covered the event, but a columnist for a competing paper, The Spokesman-Review, wrote that giving Butler and his “two-bit fanatics” any attention was one of the “tackiest things” to occur in the region in 1981. Many people agreed, some even suggesting if the Aryans were ignored by the media, they would vanish. But those in the trenches of civil rights knew that was a myth; people needed to know what was going on.

Richard Butler interview

S-R Photo, Courtesy of Bill Morlin
Reporter Bill Morlin interviews Richard Butler in a Coeur d’Alene city park in 1999.

Every summer from the early 1980s until his death in 2004, Butler and the Aryan Nations hosted the Aryan World Congress. Those annual gatherings attracted not only hundreds of Christian Identity believers from throughout the United States and Canada, but other racists known as Odinists, who believe their religious paths are tied to the Norse gods; National Socialists or neo-Nazis, whose focus is largely hero-worship of Adolf Hitler; and a ragtag assortment of anti-government fanatics and pro-gun types—many of them pulled from the ranks of Posse Comitatus. Some of those attending were arrested on pending warrants as they left the gathering.


At his Aryan compound, where visitors were stopped by a “whites only” guard shack and crossing gate, Butler also built a cook shack and a bunkhouse. At media press conferences, he laughed as he made visiting journalists step on a large flag of Israel laid on the ground in a restricted-access area. In quick order, his Aryan compound became a magnet, attracting an assortment of felons as they left the nation’s prisons, where racist views are often formed and many times hardened.

In Kootenai County, about a year after the first Aryan cross burning in North Idaho, Undersheriff Larry Broadbent, the Rev. Rick Morse and citizen-activist Dina Tanners decided the time had come to form a human rights task force. The formation of that civil rights group rightly garnered substantial media attention; but, again, the presence of the Aryan Nations necessarily was identified as the catalyst for the new group.

The start-up of the task force was portrayed as good versus evil—a formula that would repeat itself in various ways for years to come with thousands of headlines, sound bites, film documentaries, magazine articles and public debates—all creating perceptions about Idaho around the world.

By 1983, some of the racists who met through the Aryan Nations decided the time had come to stop listening to Butler and instead embark on a “race war,” as suggested in The Turner Diaries, a novel written by a racist writer. They called themselves Bruder Schweigen (Brothers Keep Silent), or The Order. While Butler reportedly slept in his old farmhouse, the group used the printing press in his nearby church office to print counterfeit money, hoping to recruit foot soldiers to start the war. Later they resorted to bank and armored car robberies.


The daring domestic terrorists carried out a string of headline-generating crimes across the United States, not the least of which was the June 1984 assassination of Alan Berg, a Jewish, Denver-based radio talk show host. As that investigation unfolded, the assault rifle used for the murder was found in a makeshift shrine in a North Idaho cabin. Again, fingers and headlines across the country pointed to the Aryan Nations and Idaho.

Talk about the state’s “Nazi image” was now quite audible, with out-of-state people, particularly those of color and Jews, wondering if it was safe for them to visit Idaho. Idaho chambers of commerce and the state’s business and civic leaders, for the most part, ducked the opportunity to publicly rebut these worries, and they festered.

From late 1984 through the early 1990s, there was a wave of domestic terrorism crimes—murders, robberies, counterfeiting and bombings—with suspects tied to the Aryan Nations and Idaho. The brazen crimes generated nationwide media coverage and concern. In September 1986, Aryan terrorists detonated pipe bombs at the U.S. courthouse in Coeur d’Alene and at the home of Rev. Bill Wassmuth, who had become a vocal member of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. The following year, to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday, a bomb, later tied to white supremacists, destroyed a parked police car in Missoula, Mont.

The Kootenai County human rights group generated extensive media coverage again in January 1987. The task force and the city of Coeur d’Alene were presented with the Raoul Wallenberg Award in recognition for their battle against the Aryan Nations and racists throughout Idaho. But media coverage of those fighting racism still necessarily included references that burned linkages between the Aryan Nations and Idaho.

In 1988, Butler and a dozen other racists were federally indicted, accused of plotting the overthrow of the federal government. While the trial ended with acquittals and more media coverage, once again, the Aryan Nations compound in Idaho was identified as ground zero for many racist crimes throughout the United States.

In August 1992, two months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cross burnings like those carried out by the Aryan Nations are protected speech, a stand-off in Boundary County again put Idaho in the national spotlight because of extremists. The siege at Ruby Ridge—now considered an iconic event in modern history—involved Randy Weaver, who had briefly attended Aryan Nations events.

Throughout the 1990s, others with ties to Idaho and the Aryan Nations committed other crimes, including a plot to bomb a gay bar in Seattle, a brutal triple murder in Arkansas and a shootout with police in Ohio. In 1998, two wealthy former California businessmen moved to Sandpoint and spent thousands of dollars for direct-mail distributions of posters and videos promoting Butler and the Aryan Nations. The national media spotlight again turned on Idaho in August 1999, when former Aryan Nations security guard Buford Furrow went on a killing rampage and shot up a Jewish day-care center in Los Angeles.

Idaho’s image couldn’t catch a break, even though people of good will made it known that racist extremists were only a tiny fraction of the state’s population.

Finally, about a year after Aryan security guards fired shots at a car on a county road near the Aryan Nations compound, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a civil suit. The ensuing trial in 2000 ended with a $6.3 million verdict and the eventual bankruptcy and closure of the Aryan Nations—again, with substantial national media coverage of Idaho and its problem with racists.


Now, four decades after Butler moved to Idaho, it seems fair to say his noxious, racist religious beliefs and the people they attracted—beyond his mere residence in the state—left a mark on Idaho and the region that’s only now starting to fade. Shining even brighter is the work of Kootenai County volunteers who stood up to Butler and hatred, and garnered recognition for a human rights organization that’s now a national model.

Richard Butler grave.

Jill Gill
Butler’s grave.

Butler’s death in 2004 and the razing of the Aryan compound eliminated the magnets in Idaho’s Panhandle that attracted racists for cross burnings and neo-Nazi parades in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Racist-related crimes that bring media coverage have dwindled, too; but, of course, pockets of racism persist.

Between 1983 and the mid-1990s, the Idaho Legislature passed five laws enhancing penalties for hate crimes and harassment. And since 2011, seven Idaho cities have adopted ordinances preventing discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation. But few outside the state have heard about this progress for human rights in Idaho, and there’s evidence the image problem persists.

Potatoes? When someone mentions Idaho to residents of another state, their first response frequently includes mention of Aryans and neo-Nazis, not the state’s official vegetable.

Still, in the state capital, the Idaho Human Rights Commission has a very small budget, only enough to enforce equal rights laws. There is no money to counter the image issue created by the Aryan legacy or to promote the good volunteer work of various county human rights task forces, nor even the work of the Idaho Legislature. Another state agency, the Idaho Department of Commerce, gets a steady stream of funding from a 2 percent logging tax. But all that money, about $6 million a year, is earmarked to promote tourism—selling the world the image that Idaho has great hunting, fishing, skiing and whitewater rafting.

And Idaho potato growers pony up $14 million a year to enhance the image of the Idaho potato—everything from a $269,000 giant potato on a semi-truck for a national tour in 2012 to Idaho spud recipes on social media sites. Not a dime, it seems, has been spent to directly combat the state’s image problem caused by four decades of high-profile racists. No one is willing to estimate how much the image issue has cost the state or its businesses.

The state’s neo-Nazi image lingers, untouched by a counter-attack marketing campaign or even a public discussion of the problem. No wonder some people can still hear Richard Butler shouting, “Heil, victory!”

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The views and opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of Boise State University, the Center for Idaho History and Politics, or the School of Public Service.

  • Eduardo Garcia

    There’s a huge problem with this article if you deconstruct the author, Bill Morlin. His own life choices do not comport with the ideology he expresses. Bill Morlin currently lives in a census tract listed as 98% white. Why is that true, If he believes that it is ‘enriching’ to live as a white person among blacks and hispanics as a minority?

  • keymandan

    Dear Mr. Morlin, I must say, “megadittos” for having accomplished with the tap-tap-tap of a computer keyboard what those of us in Christian Identity were never able to do and that is to convert Richard Butler and Aryan Nations to a firm and unwavering belief in the divinity of Christ, His death and resurrection, and in the Bible which has for centuries been the definition of what is Christian. I was never able to ascertain for the late Rev. Millar, my father-in-law, just exactly what Butler and Aryan Nations believed for sure – perhaps the worship of Thor, the old Viking God – but whatever it was it wasn’t Christianity. To be Christian Identity, Mr. Butler would have had to recognize that the European peoples, for the most part, were the latter day Israelites – or the literal seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Instead he objected most strenuously that he was not of semetic blood – that he shared no lineage with the hated modern day Jews, and for sure he wasn’t going to accept the Jew Jesus as his savior. But you’ve changed all that with your Ipad, or whatever you are using. And you have rewritten history to boot, as well as having aligned Christians who adhere to the Identity message with Aryans and Neo-Nazis, who are adhere to an occult and plainly Satanic message. Furthermore, you’ve accused of being violent, and I’d like to compare my police record, and the other Christian Identity that I know and have known with the staff at BW, and we’ll see who is the most violent between us. Would you like to do that? At any rate, you have clearly slandered a lot of God fearing, law abiding people, and if you can’t sleep at night, I bet I know why. Do your homework next time.

  • Times Short

    Racial Identity does not claim to be the real jews, they claim to be the real Israelites. Big difference. Nobodies calling themselves jews.

    • Glamslinky

      You need to support that argument with facts, Shorty. Please explain what you mean by “racial identity”. Who are the real “Israelites” then? Are you telling me that white supremacists have failed everywhere else, so now they want to convince us that they were a Semitic people from the Ancient Near East? Oh, and “Jews”, as well as “Jewish” is capitalized.

      Go. Your turn.

      • Rose Sutterfield

        Racists are still here and more than folks care to admit. Yes good people also. Just anyone that is not white never knows when or where you will encounter trouble and hate. Its scary. Hate is so evil. Coodos to the people who stood up against it

      • MariaOrsic

        Substantial historical, biblical and archaeological evidence demonstrates that Europeans are the direct descendants of the “lost” tribes of Israel.

        What Happened To The 12 Tribes Of Israel_by Historian, Archeologist, Egyptologist, Linguist, And University Professor E. Raymond CAPT. [VIDEO REDACTED – EDS.]

        Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets by University Professor E. Raymond CAPT.

      • MariaOrsic

        The “Black Obelisk,” depicting the victory of King Shalmaneser III over several kingdoms, (found in 1846 by Austin Layard) is housed at the British Museum. In the second row from the top is a carving of Jehu bowing to the ground, as his servants present gifts. In the text on the Black Obelisk, Jehu is called the “Bit of Omri” meaning “house of Omri”.

        The Assyrians in this period of time used the term “House of Omri” to refer to the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Jehu was the son of Omri, an Israelite king.

        The Assyrian cuniform tablets reveal the Israelites, originally known to the Assyrians, as “Khumri” were placed in captivity near the river Habor, in northern Assyria in Gozan, (which aligns with 2 Kings 17:6) and among the Medes in northern Iran.
        In captivity the Israelites were renamed “Gimira” and “Cimmerians.”

        The BEHISTUN INSCRIPTION connects the people known in Old Persian and Elamite as Saka, Sacae or scythian with the people known in Babylonian as Gimirri or Cimmerian. Historians acknowledge that Europeans are largely descended from the Scythians.

        That, is a very summarised version of the link between the tribes of Israel, who were at various times referred to as Bit of Omri, the Khumri, the Gimmirri, Cimmerians, Scythians, and modern day Europeans.

        (The  Archaeological Institute  of  America)

      • MariaOrsic

        Substantial historical, biblical and archaeological evidence demonstrates that Europeans are the direct descendants of the “lost” tribes of Israel.

        Read “Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets” by University Professor E. Raymond CAPT.

        What Happened To The 12 Tribes Of Israel_by Historian, Archeologist, Egyptologist, Linguist, And University Professor E. Raymond CAPT. [VIDEO REDACTED -EDS.]

  • Glamslinky

    Odinists are not “necessarily” racist, per se. Though, it is a neo-pagan movement that has a plethora of followers who would think otherwise. Majority might rule in this case. If you are into statistical analysis and all that. For argument sake, let us say that some of the people who supposedly “practice” the religion ARE racist. Odinism is actually an “off shoot” of another Northern European pagan religion called “Asatru”. You do the research here, because I could write a book on it. :)

    Saying these neo-paganists are racists, is like assuming all skinheads are “nazi skinheads”. Most people are uneducated to the history of the term “skinhead”. When they see a skinhead, most assume that they MUST be racist. Which is why some are left scratching their head inquisitively when they see a black or asian “skin”. The truth? The original skinheads were migrants from Jamaica that moved to England, and were primarily employed as dock workers. On the docks back in those days, louse outbreaks were common. So, to battle this, workers would shave their heads. Also, they wore “bracers” with their shirts and jeans, as well as boots that had to withstand oil, grease, and alkaline based chemicals. Enter Dr. Marten, who built a company called “Doc Martens” around boots that would cater to the needs of these dock workers. Jamaican dock workers brought their culture and musical influences with them, such as dance hall reggae and “ska”. In much the same way, the local English dock workers introduced their Jamaican brethren to what was to become “street punk” or “Oi!” music. The two converged, and became what we know as modern “traditional” skinhead and “rude boy” music.

    My point is this. The “aryan nation” (I don’t give them credit enough to capitalize their namesake) is like a virus. It goes in, duplicates what may be useful to for its cause, killing anything that was original. It has distorted what northern European religion actually is. It has allowed any white supremacist (no matter what their heritage) to say, “I am white. I am an Odinist. I have roots that stem from Odin himself.” They have shed a bad light on people who are of actual Nordic heritage – Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, etc. – who practice a religion that was never based on racial hatred. The aryan nation is infamous for doing this, for the sole purpose of “outreach”. The media is part and partial to blame as well. Never one to speak the entire truth, journalism itself has become a self-serving entity never to be trusted.

    It is my hope that if anyone reads this, they can educate themselves before passing judgement on any “skinhead” or northern pagan practitioner (or any other “movement” or “religion” for that matter), that has been the unfortunate victim of twisted agenda spread like a disease by the white supremacist movement, or the attention-whore mongering media.

    Fun fact? Most Nordic gods were written into sagas, and were based on actual rulers of Northern Europe. “Odin” himself, whose real name was King Yngvi-Frey Bengorisson, born in 193 A.D. and his father, KIng Benjori-Freyr, born in 147 A.D. – were both born in Turkey. King Benjor-Freyr invaded what we know as Norway today, become it’s first “organized” ruler and monarchy. His son, King Yngvi-Frey Bengorisson, was later ruler of both countries, but married a Norwegian woman. A little history lesson for you there. Bottom line, “Odin” wasn’t even “white”. :)

    Oh, and don’t listen to “Times Short” down below. He is a prime example of a rambling “white supremacist” who obviously prides himself in his lack of historical knowledge or even good grammar for that matter.

  • Brian H

    I used to be a practicing Asatru follower for a number of years, along with others here in the Spokane/CDA area, and while for me it was definitely a much-needed source of cultural identity it was far from racist. Anyone was welcome and we made that very clear. I’ve since accepted Jesus, however.

    I can’t say I’ve ever encountered much racism here. No more than I find anywhere else. We have Black people and Asian people here and they are seen working at businesses big and small, volunteering in various capacities, visiting at coffee shops with groups of -gasp- older white people, etc. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I doubt it’s much more severe than anywhere else.

    That said: If this magical image of Idaho as a bastion of racism is keeping a lot of people from moving here, I would almost be hesitant to fight it too much. Why does it matter what the rest of the country thinks if it’s all false? It’s too crowded here as it is, and if you’ve ever tried to go up to Priest Lake in the Summer you’ll see there’s no shortage of tourists willing to come hang out with all the white supremacists. Growth not needed!

    • Rose Sutterfield

      Just because people are working and living in certain areas does not mean they do not deal with racism….but of course some don’t. I’m white and I’m discriminated because I’m a mother of a beautiful bi-racial daughter. I trust my God to take care of us. He’s my judge

  • Jared Knutson

    As someone born and raised in Southern Idaho, I find it disgraceful and sickening to think of my home state as one associated with this type of BS. The bible and christianity is a joke… you are not descendants of the “true Israelites”. The fact that this state, that has fairly intelligent people in it, has so many ignorant fools who promote white supremacy due to some silly, archaeic way of thinking is very sad. I used to work in a call center that provided tech support globally and I don’t know how many people throughout the US got very uncomfortable when I said I was from Idaho; a few of them had the guts to ask about the Idaho white supremacy that was prevalent (unbeknownst to me, since apparently it’s the worst up north, which ironically claims to be better than Boise and the rest of Idaho). This is saddening that we have so many in our beautiful state that believe in such ridiculous ideals. The ACLU really should be cracking down on this crap by now.

    • pubpubpub

      You sound very intolerant, Jared.

      • CHI RHO

        Give a detailed explanation to why Jared is intolerant.

      • Eyedre

        Yet yo didn’t call him LIAR!

        Typical of an emotional coward………….Jared spoke valid points ad all you can say is ” intolerant “???….lol…foh

    • CHI RHO

      You are not being intolerant Jared. You are being rational, and seeing with a non-oppressive lens.

      • pubpubpub

        Give a detailed explanation to why Jarad is tolerant. Especially when he’s calling Christians and the Bible a joke.

        • CHI RHO

          I missed that part, yes, that was a stupid comment. I also think the picture of the guy holding the sign with the shaved head is just as intolerant. I am also a Christian, but that does not give me any kind of right to discriminate against other races of people.

  • pubpubpub

    Bill Morlin, I’ve read about you. You seem to have spent much of your life stalking Whites who have a different opinion than you. You say they should be “exposed.” Do you believe in freedom, Bill? Or do you think anyone concerned about the future of White people that have pro-White beliefs should be “exposed” and hounded and harrassed — maybe even shot over a ditch?

  • KC Marie

    I lived in Northern Idaho for 32 years until unfortunate circumstances brought me to the South.
    Although I was never raised to think different of any other race I have to deal with this on a daily basis now.
    In the Idaho Panhandle you can still walk down the street without someone saying, “Hey baby”… you can walk into a grocery store, pump gas, ect without a care in the world. Come down south. I bet you’d have a completely different experience here.
    This is REAL life. I suggest people get out of this “Nazi” attitude and realize that having White Nationalists around you is actually a good thing. White people are fighting for their lives not only in America but all over the world.
    They are being raped and murdered only because of their skin. Google White Genocide on the internet.

    • Raena

      I had someone ask for my number and say I had a thick ass when I was 12, so next.

    • Raena

      You are insane, I hope you hatred dies with you, don’t breed

    • saraeanderson

      They have Google on the Internet now?

    • Nick Bailey

      It’s a shame people can’t express freedom of speech and religion without being called racist

    • Vulcanator

      Yep, and nobody else on Earth is being raped and murdered. Right…

      • MariaOrsic

        Here are some statistics that don’t get talked about very often. Where is the White privilege? Google: Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables.

        Statistics on Rape and Sexual Assault for 2005, from the US Department of Justice. [From Table 42]. In the 111,490 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white.
        Table 42 explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.

    • Eyedre

      The tables have turned…….400 years of Rape & Pillage by whites on people of color all over the World, and you thought whites before you wouldn’t have whites today reaping what they have sown?…………Typical of a coward! You should be angry with whites before you…

  • forbes mag

    The writer of this article wrongly repeats a trope invented by leftists, that racism or a racist image hurts Idaho’s economy. FALSE. Negroes are an economic underclass, failures without significant spending on anything Idaho has to offer anyway. On the other hand, lots of Whites flock to Idaho and spend their money because of the blessed lack of negroids and mestizos. Don’t underestimate how much of the country has “negro fatigue”.

    In fact, North Idaho is well known for the place that White Los Angeles police and fire dept personnel go to when they retire. Why do you think that is? It’s not for the long gray winters. It’s not for the weather at all since the mild mediterranean climate of California can’t be beat, and it has plenty of natural beauty. No, those retirees flock to North Idaho to get away from the coloreds, since years of experience have taught them non-Whites are NOT the same, despite the constant lie from jew media to the contrary.

    So they go to Idaho and spend their pension money there. Racism is a boon for the Idaho economy. You want negroid crime and mestizo filth, most of the U.S. can now offer that. You want a clean, low-crime orderly society like America used to be prior to 1965 when it was 90% White, few places left can give you that. Idaho is one of them.

    Racism is good for the Idaho economy.

  • daveneiwert

    This comments thread is stark testimony to the realities that Morlin addresses here: There are real consequences for the state’s abandonment of its onetime effort to combat its reputation as a haven for racists, in the misguided belief that if they just pretend it’s not there, it will go away. As we can see here in this thread, it is indeed flourishing.

    I have some bitter experience with all this, including being held up for public ridicule by a onetime journalistic mentor for not buying into the settled narrative that took root in the region’s journalistic circles after the 1980s: namely, that this was the result of a tiny band of extremists who have since gone away, and had no effect on, nor did it reflect, the larger state.

    The cold reality is that although Richard Butler’s campaign to turn northern Idaho into a “white homeland” ultimately failed (without the help of the state’s journalists and politicians, and mainly through the efforts of groups like the SPLC and Bill Wassmuth’s Northwest Coalition), it very successfully advertised to millions of non-Nazis who nonetheless feared and loathed the tide of brown minorities in places like California and Arizona that they could escape all that in Idaho. It permanently altered the state’s demographics, and consequently its politics, in the form of the massive inmigration of “white flight” conservatives to the state in the 1990s and beyond. We’re still feeling that effect — as anyone reading this thread can see.

    Racial hatred is flourishing under the surface in Idaho, thanks to the people who believe ignoring it will make it go away.


    That is just going too far. That ideology is almost as bad as ISIS just on the opposite end of the spectrum. I went to River Dance Lodge August 2015 and spoke with a couple that saw pictures of my Bi-racial step daughter and they did not even bat an eye. The couple was from Couer D’Alene and invited my family and I to visit if we are ever in the area. By the way, that invitation was from a Caucasian couple and included my bi-racial step-daughter.
    I personally think this is a select smaller number of individuals that are so caught up in that Aryan mindset. If I ever visit Idaho with my bi-racial step-daughter, would any of you dare make comments to my face? How about a comment to her mother and my wife? How about this, I am roughly 5-10% Native American, German, and Scandinavian. I bet if some of these Aryan’s did some genetic testing, they would realize a lot of them are not totally Caucasian. A true Christian would spread the word of God to anyone of any race otherwise they are clearly sinning by being so proud of themselves that they have no room for anyone else in the rest of the world different from them.
    I can however, understand some people’s argument on Caucasians being attacked, white privilege, etc., but real Christians should know better. Jesus was born in the Middle East, right? Does anyone really think Jesus was completely white? I do not have any facts or research to back that up but it is food for thought. Ignorance breeds hate and this is 2016, not 1952.

    • MariaOrsic

      The Lord Jesus Christ is a descendant of Adam and Eve via his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. Adam’s descendants are depicted as White in Revelation 1:14, 1 Samuel 17:42, and Lamentations 4:7.

      Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines “Adam,” as meaning to show blood (in the face), i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

      Flushing or turning rosy is a characteristic of White people, that is not really noticeable in Negroes and Orientals. Thus Adam fathered the White Adamic race. [Europeans]. God made Eve from Adam’s rib, [See Genesis 2:22] thus Eve is also White and their offspring are White.

      The word “man” in Genesis 1:26 is taken from the Hebrew word “Adam.” i.e. man = Adam = to show blood (in the face), i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be (dyed, made) red (ruddy) [From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance] = a White person.

      The bible is dedicated to and its message applies only to Adam’s descendants. [See Genesis 5:1] Sin and salvation apply only to Adam’s descendants [See Romans 5:12-21] Only Adam’s descendants can be considered to be men and to have souls. [See 1 Corinthians 15:45]

    • MariaOrsic

      Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines ”Adam” as meaning to show blood (in the face), i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be (dyed, made) red (ruddy). Flushing or turning rosy is a characteristic of White people, it is not really noticeable in Negroes and Orientals. God made Eve from Adam’s rib, [See Genesis 2:22]
      thus Eve is also White and their offspring are White.
      Therefore Adam fathered the White Adamic race.[Europeans].

      The Lord Jesus Christ is a descendant of Adam and Eve via his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Adam’s descendants are depicted as White in Revelation 1:141 Samuel 17:42, and Lamentations 4:7.

      The word “man” in ”Genesis 1:26” is from the Hebrew word “Adam.” i.e. man = Adam = to show blood (in the face), i.e. Flush or turn rosy — be (dyed, made) red (ruddy) [From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance] = a White person.

      The bible is dedicated to and its message applies only to Adam’s descendants. [Genesis 5:1] Sin and salvation apply only to Adam’s descendants [See Romans 5:12-21] Only Adam’s descendants can be considered to be men and to have souls. [See 1 Corinthians 15:45]

  • Nick Bailey

    I truly admire the white image idaho has and hope it stays that way!!! I prefer to not have crack sold on corners or gang shootings over the color of my clothes! Along with having my property stolen by every colorful animal that’s needs money as if they haven’t gotten enough from welfare or my hard work that goes to taxes that supports their colorful way of lazy criminal life!!!

    • Vulcanator

      Yes and of course, no white guy ever sold crack, or smoked meth. White people don’t still, or murder. They don’t invade government compounds, or steal other people’s property and claim its their own. Ya’ll are just a bunch of fun loving peaceful hippes that just want to be left alone in the woods with your AR-15’s, your swastikas, and your moonshine.

      • MariaOrsic

        You post a comment trying to present others as generalizing and you simultaneously generalize people of White European racial heritage by throwing in your comment about Swastikas. Quite the hypocrite! Since you brought up the Swastika, why not look at the history behind this symbol?
        The Swastika symbols were scratched out in this Berlin Cathedral after WW2 because the Swastika symbol is banned by Germany’s Zionist occupied Marxist political establishment. The Sanskrit term Swastika 卐 has been in use in English since 1871, replacing gammadion (from Greek γαμμάδιον).

        The Gammadion Cross 卐 is formed by a group of four of the Greek letter gamma (Γ), the capitalised third letter of the Greek alphabet. Each gamma (Γ) represents one of the four Evangelists, (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) who radiate from the central Greek Cross, which represents Christ. No wonder Zionists and Marxists hate it!

        Swastika mosaic in Byzantine church in present day Edomite-Khazar Israel.

        • Xavier Jones

          Really….Think about what you just said!
          Try to have it make sense!
          Does that have anything to do with the fact that Trump is Nazi schooled by his own admission?
          And that his supporters are mostly racists!
          Have fun trying to make up with the rest of America when he goes down in flames in the election!
          His own…well not really, party, is slamming him….and trying to figure out how to get different nominee!
          Sounds like you might want to make travel plans and find place on trump island, until he files for bankruptcy!

          • MariaOrsic

            First of all, why did you bring Donald Trump into this? I never mentioned Trump and neither did the person I was replying to! You allege that most of Trump’s supporters are racist. Did you ask the nearly 14 million people who voted for Trump if they are racists? The media has been full of stories over the last 12 months about the coming collapse of Trump’s campaign, about how he’d never secure 1237 delegates to clinch the GOP nomination and in the end Trump won 1542 delegates and easily secured the position of presumptive GOP nominee. Therefore, I prefer to wait and see what happens in November rather than listen to the hateful predictions of the panicking NeverTrump crowd, as all of your predictions about Trump being defeated have proven to be completely wrong thus far. Ask yourself, what will you do if Trump wins the general election in November and becomes President of the USA, President Donald J. Trump. Will you move to Canada? Hopefully. Actually, why do so many self proclaimed anti-racist looney’s say they will move to Canada if Trump is elected President, why don’t they say that they’ll move to Mexico?

          • hammerstamp

            Off your Thorazine?

    • Eyedre

      METH made Caucasians have a slave master too…..who is yours?

  • Mary Taylor

    Honk if you want Idaho white. Sounds like a new strain of meth.

  • Chris

    Who are these people that stood up to Butler and his minions? They had the kind of humanity I wish we had more of in this country.

  • truth

    white people are not Aryans only NortH west indiaNs from IndiA are the true Aryans .

  • Stan Armstrong

    Idaho is a great place with great people. Thanks to a SMALL number of insecure and ignorant white supremacists, Idaho’s reputation is trashed.