Jason Lehosit is a former executive director of the Idaho Republican Party, a campaign consultant, and principal at Meridian Resources, his political strategies firm. He has worked with many statewide and legislative candidates in Idaho as well as on the ballot campaign that approved formation of the College of Western Idaho. He is consulting for Lt. Gov. Brad Little this cycle, among other candidates.

Jason Lehosit

Age: 38 #politcalanimal is a feature of the TBR 5 Midterm Election issue. For an overview, see Miller.
Affiliations: Republican
Education: Some political science at Boise State
Occupation: Campaign consultant
What he drives: Cadillac
Dietary restrictions: N/A
Favorite TV show: Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, lots of baseball and college football

What moment led you to become politically aware and/or politically active?

When I was in high school at Capitol High, our government teacher really encouraged participation to the point where he would give us extra credit for getting business cards from elected officials and stuff like that. I kind of had a lot of opinions, and my government teacher reached out and encouraged me to get involved in a campaign… I had a sister who was actually college Republican president at Boise State at the time. So my junior year, I started working and volunteering on Phil Batt’s campaign, which led to a job running the phone bank. Phil Batt was the first republican governor in 24 years. From there, I worked in his office for a few months while going to college, but I really enjoyed the campaign side of things.

I really enjoy working with the volunteers, setting up events… I like people getting something out of there money, their contributions.

What/who were your influences?

My high school government teacher, George Ragan, who was a Democrat, I believe he ran for the Legislature over in Idaho Falls, the same way I got involved… he tells a story about how his high school students made him run. He did not win.

Being born in ’76, obviously Ronald Reagan had an influence, Gov. Batt at the time… again, you look at the 1994 Republican Revolution, I think that got a lot of younger people involved… I look at Phil Batt’s campaign, that was run by a lot of younger people who are still involved in the process today.

I think it’s nice being that person in between, to allow people the access to talk to their politicians. Government should be working for us.

Why do you STAY involved?

Well, I don’t think I do it for the politicians. I think I do it for the voters out there. Yeah, there is some strife with politicians, but we need to continually try to reach out to voters. Government works best with input from the citizens.

Politics is a sport; here’s your rule book, here’s your Constitution. I really enjoy the strategy behind things, I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy raising the money, I enjoy helping put the events together. I am a conservative Republican: I do care about  taxes, creating a better economy, better education…

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