# TBR7: Victimization, guest edited by Lisa Growette Bostaph, of the Boise State Department of Criminal Justice, will be published starting on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015, including articles from scholars across the country exploring the field of victimology and particularly, victimization on college campuses.

Boise artist Luma Jasim, currently attending art school in New York, designed the cover art below for the latest special issue of The Blue Review.

TBR 7 Cover

Luma Jasim

Luma Jasim cover

TBR 7 cover by Luma Jasim

The following articles are part of TBR 7: Victimization, to be published next week:

  • Monday: Laura King and Lisa Growette Bostaph, working with Boise State colleagues Lane Kirkland Gillespie, Amanda Goodson & Juan Lopez, uncover the service needs of crime victims and the barriers to receiving those services across the state of Idaho.
  • Tuesday: Bonnie Fisher of the University of Cincinnati provides a very timely overview of how colleges and universities can begin to adequately address incidents of sexual violence on their campuses.
  • Wednesday: Kelly Miller, Director of the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, takes a broader view of victimology and unveils a new approach for agencies and communities to begin addressing root causes of social injustices that lead to victimization.
  • Thursday: Alison C. Cares of Assumption College discusses trends in educating college students across multiple disciplines about crime victims’ needs, including the roles and responsibilities of professors in these efforts.
  • Friday: Cortney Franklin of Sam Houston State University highlights the victim-offender connection, discussing the effects of childhood exposure to family violence on later use of violence in intimate partner relationships.
  • Friday: Bradley Campbell of the University of Louisville focuses on how one key component  of the criminal justice system — law enforcement — responds to victims of sexual violence.

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