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We were born after 1980 and are coming of age in this new millennium. We are the oft-maligned, sometimes lauded “Millennials” who have never known a world without Netflix and selfies. We tend to be underpaid, open to diversity and often skew liberal, politically, or apolitically. We likely come from divorced parents, and some of us are getting married later in life.

And yet we as Millennials are, on the whole, exceedingly optimistic about the future compared to generations past, according to many, many surveys of us from the likes of Pew.

Conventional wisdom on this important age group suggests a life of media savvy, student loans and divergent opinions on everything from love to housing to world politics, as compared to our peers and progenitors. Scholars and marketers — mostly marketers — are currently obsessed with this generation, so we wanted to ask: What are they getting right and what is flying right over their heads?

TBR 2015 Millennial Writing Contest

We want to know — what’s it really mean to be “Millennial?” To answer that, The Blue Review is issuing a call for essays from Millennials themselves, exploring the topic of their own elusive demography.

What do you Millennials do? What’s it cost to be one? Why the current obsession with talking about you? Do you call your squeeze ‘bae’? Do you sleep with your cell phone (why or why not?) Do you hate us for asking? Are you going to actually write this essay for free? Why, or why not?

We’re open — in a very millennial way — to your explorations on this topic, and to your critical perspectives on your own generation. At the end of our submission period, we’ll pick the best essays and feature them at thebluereview.org, as part of a special series to be released at the end of January.

Deadline: Wednesday, January 14 at NOON MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015

Length: Approximately 800-1200 words (but we’re open to alternatives, including art but not cats).

Questions or submissions? Contact editor [AT] thebluereview.org or Andrew Crisp, AndrewCrisp1 [AT] u.boisestate.edu

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